"Books, Records, Films -- these things matter. Call me shallow but it's the damn truth." - High Fidelity

May 17, 2012

all still dead

Bukowski, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Kerouac
all still dead
all attempts to contact
have failed
Burroughs, who wouldn't shut up in life
is deathly silent now
no more pages
no more cut ups
no more long poems
no more drunken words
no more angry letters
no more poetry

leaving it up to me and you
I'm doing my part
I hope you'll do your part

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Supermoon - Weiner Dog

Forest in Motion

I wish I had about a thousand snickers bars

I wish I had about a thousand snickers bars
lined up end to end
row on row
I wish I had about a thousand snickers bars
I'd eat them all
my fat ass in tow.
I wish I had about a thousand snickers bars
my teeth I'd keep
in a small case
for if I had a thousand snicker bars
you could barely see my face.

no more driving

smog monster

canceling plans to drive today
the state of california
has come to take my cars away
every year
they make me smog
because I'm poor
and my cars are old
every year
they threaten me
and feed the shops
forty four dollars
to turn off the
check engine light
forty four dollars
and fifty three to smog it
just pile more bills
in the never ending
money pit