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March 9, 2012

StubHub had no difficulties Scalping Burning Man Tickets in the Past (and they would like it to stay that way)

I wish knew how to record phone calls, because I have just been contacted by StubHub.
It's 7:30 on Friday Night and I just got a call from "Patrick with StubHub".  Patrick sounded angry and wanted to talk to my brother.  (My brother has emailed StubHub three times.  They replied twice.  That is all.  I have emailed StubHub once.  They have not replied.)

I thought, "Wow, a chance to talk to StubHub!", so I decided to ask them a few questions.  (I didn't know how angry StubHub was at this time.)

I asked StubHub why it was okay to sell more than 4 tickets and if they would stop.

StubHub said that they "believe people are pooling their tickets together."

I didn't really think it was a valid excuse and I wanted to ask him if they would stop the reselling of tickets above face value, but things were starting to get uncomfortable.  He informed me that he wanted us to stop contacting him (4 emails total).  He sounded angry and scared.  I assured him that we would not contact them again. 

StubHub then said that "they sold burning man tickets in the past, and never had a problem before you started contacting us."

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  1. Never had a problem before you with BM tickets??? Awesome. Give'em hell!