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June 9, 2012

StubHub Burning Man Scalpers enter Barganing Phase as Burners "Have Faith and Buy Late"

Burners stick together.  We won't pay more than face value for Burning Man tickets.  We'll wait.  We'll wait until the last minute, when the scalpers are desperate and they're forced to sell their tickets for face value or near face value.  This was our plan from the begining.  We'd discussed the importance of having faith and buying late several times at Burners against Scalpers and now our grand strategy is begining to work.  Scalpers are getting scared and dropping their prices below $1000 on the StubHub scalping website for the first time this year.  Important note:  This doesn't mean it's time to buy.  This is just the begining.  As the festival approaches, prices will continue to fall.  There's no reason to allow scalpers to double their money.  Just wait.  The desperation is about to take hold.  

Have Faith and Buy Late.  Let's drive these scalpers out of business.

Please sign the petition and Join Burners against Scalpers today!

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