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July 29, 2012

Thunt at the California State Fair 2012 Statistics

Thunt the Dragonslayer

 7 days, 6 concerts (Fab Four (Beatles), Happy Together Tour (60s), Rick Springfield, Dave Mason, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Police Tribute)

Rode Bike: 2 

Took Photos: 5 

Photographed Fireworks: 3 

Photographed Motorcycles: 3 

drum roll...

2,023 photos

also used tons of great coupons, bought two presidential magnets (JFK & Truman) and ate lots of great fair food (deep fried twinkee, eggroll on a stick, deep fried grilled cheese, cinnamon buns, slushy, chocolate dipped ice cream cone, corn dog, chicken wrap, chocolate dipped ice cream sandwich).

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