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February 19, 2012

Itunes doesn't remember search input

If I could change one thing about Itunes, I would change the way that it forgets my search input.  When I search for something in a playlist and I don't find it, and then I click on Music, it forgets my search input instead of searching again.  It drives me nuts.  Version after version of Itunes keeps coming out and they keep not fixing it.  (Google is also developing the problem as they keep changing all the buttons on their search engine and annoying the hell out of me.  Right now if you click the google logo, it tosses your search and goes back to a blank search instead of searching google, ex: if you were coming from images and you wanted to go back to google, ie "search" results...  Also the way they changed from "videos" on the top bar to "youtube" is classless and beneath them as a search engine.  It's like the decision to remove the + from the "add a new tab" button, it's a mistake and they'll change back, but they can't see it yet.)

I also sent a copy of this blog entry to apple.  Fingers crossed.  Hope they fix it.

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