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March 6, 2012

for what it's worth, I wrote a Letter to StubHub asking them to remove Burning Man Ticket Scalpers

Dear StubHub,

There are several sellers on your Burning Man ticket sales that are in violation of both your policies and Burning Man’s policies and should be removed immediately.

The Burning Man Ticket FAQ states:
Q: How many tickets can I buy?A: We hope you'll only buy what you need, as that makes more tickets available to others. Regardless of which price or which sale, no person may purchase more than four tickets total. Pre-sale allowed 4 tickets per person. The Main Sale allows for 2 tickets at the tier you are randomly selected for based on your registration. Tickets sold through our Low Income program are one per person.

As you can see from the following graphic and link to your Burning Man ticket section, several people are in clear violation of this policy, scalping 48, 11, 8, 8 tickets in violation of Burning Man policy.

Inline image 1

Additionally, all of these tickets should be removed because they are Speculative Tickets and by scalping them at up to 5x the ticket price they are all in violation of Burning Man’s ticket policy and should have their ticket rights revoked.
Speculative Tickets.Speculative tickets or 'spec tickets' are tickets that are listed for sale or sold before the seller actually owns the tickets. Listing or selling speculative tickets is not permitted. StubHub reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove your listing, cancel a sale, require you to send your tickets to the Buyer within a specific time after your tickets sell, issue you a warning, or temporarily or permanently suspend you from using StubHub's Site or Services if it suspects you of listing or selling speculative tickets.

These tickets also are not “in hand” and violate StubHub’s policy against selling tickets that are not “in hand”:
Q: When will tickets be mailed?A: All tickets not held at will call will be mailed starting in June 2012.

Furthermore, I think you have made a mistake by scalping Burning Man tickets above face value.

Burning Man is not simply a concert or a sporting event. It is a community. By reselling tickets above face value, StubHub is contributing to a black market that is destroying the Burning Man community. StubHub should immediately stop the reselling of Burning Man tickets above face value.

We will not use StubHub for any future purchases if they continue to sell Burning Man tickets above face value.


Please remove the sellers that violate your policy and Burning Man’s policy from your website.

Please set a cap on your Burning Man ticket section so that tickets could not be sold for greater than face value.

Thank you for your time.

 Thomas Hunt

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