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March 9, 2012

Open Letter to TicketsNow asking them to remove Burning Man Ticket Scalpers

TicketsNow should remove Burning Man Ticket Scalpers.

Dear TicketsNow,

There are several sellers in your Burning Man ticket sales section that are in violation of both your policies and the policies of the Burning Man festival and should be removed immediately.

Violation of TicketsNow policy:  
You must have the tickets in-hand before you can list them on TicketsNow.
A: All tickets not held at will call will be mailed starting in June 2012. - Burning Man Ticket FAQ 
 Violation of Burning Man Policy: 
A: We hope you'll only buy what you need, as that makes more tickets available to others. Regardless of which price or which sale, no person may purchase more than four tickets total. Pre-sale allowed 4 tickets per person. The Main Sale allows for 2 tickets at the tier you are randomly selected for based on your registration. Tickets sold through our Low Income program are one per person. - Burning Man Ticket FAQ
Please remove the offending sellers from your website.  

Thank you for your time.

Thomas Hunt

Send your own letter to TicketsNow (sales@ticketsnow.com) asking them not to scalp Burning Man Tickets today!

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