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March 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning Sale Spectacular! (mainly books)

That's right, it's spring cleaning time again at my house and that can only mean one thing!  More books for sale!  That's right, we've got everything from old history books to old children's and young adult books (once actually read by me, yes that's right!).  Selling my entire collection of Phillip K. Dick books as I continue the migration toward the Kindle and an e-reading future.  But that doesn't mean it's too late for you to get in on some serious dead tree action.  Old books smell better, can be dropped in pools and never run out of batteries like their electronic counterparts.  You can even take them apart on road trips and leave parts of the book behind to lighten your load.  You can build forts out of paperback books (if you collect enough of them) and hardback books make great dominoes.  Great for airport reading and students too!  Everybody needs books! (I even have hundreds more that I can't bear to sell right now.)

If you've ever wanted to support Thomas Hunt and say, hey, you're doing a great job with your website, but you aren't the type of person who will give a donation without getting a free gift, now is your chance, because every single purchase helps support Thomas and comes with a "free" book of your choice! (or even more "free" books if you buy more than one!)  Everybody gets a book!  That could be you, choose a title from Thomas's extensive library and buy it now (supplies are limited)!  All books are priced to sell and that means cheeaaaaap! (you'll probably pay more for shipping than you do for the book, but that's the way things are these days.  Books are cheap and gas is expensive, you get it.)

Hopefully later today I'll complete the second half of spring cleaning by listing everything else I found that I'm not using on eBay, but I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.  More information to come...  Happy Spring Cleaning to everybody!  Get rid of that old stuff!  Get it into the hands of someone who will use it.  I hope my books all go to good homes, where they will be read and then treasured on a shelf as I have.

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